Have A Collection To Sell?

Do you have a collection to sell?

If you want to sell a collection - before we start the process I need to make sure we are thinking the same thing. 

YardSaleTrains.com sells used trains so I typically get about 65% to 75% of retail list cost when I sell it.  Even if it has never been on the track when it gets to me it is a used item.  After I receive a product - I have the cost to ship it, inventory it, hold it, and now that I am starting an advertising campaign – advertise it.

As an example, and as you know, a new Kato Engine sells in your local hobby shop for around $80 plus tax. Nobody that buys from me wants to pay that much so I typically list that engine at around $60 to $65. That means for me to buy it, have it shipped it to me,  hold it, inventory it, and advertise, I need to buy it for around $35. At a $35 price point I make about $10 on the engine.  I need to stick too that pricing formula across the board to make the website work, and many modelers or their relatives believe that works for them as well and so we reach a sales point. 

If you decide those prices will work for you, then send an email to richard@yardsaletrains.com and let's start the process.